Fund ProviderMinistry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
• To undertake the development of new or cutting edge technologies
or further develop / value add existing technologies / products in
specific areas for the creation of new businesses and generation
of economic wealth for Malaysia.
• To undertake market driven R&D towards commercialisation of
R&D outputs.
• To encourage institutions, local companies and inventors to
capitalise their intellectual work through intellectual property (IP)
• To stimulate the growth and increase capability and capacity of
Malaysian technology-based enterprises, Malaysian Government
Research Institutes (GRI) and Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL)
through both local and international collaborations.
• Eligible applicants can be researchers and other individuals from:
- Small and medium enterprises
- Institutions of Higher Learning
- Research institutes
- Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Agencies
• Priority will be given to applications with projects:
- that have been supported by the Science Fund and have the
potential to be commercialised
- from companies that have obtained the InnoCERT recognition.
• SMEs as defined by the National SME Development Council.
• All categories of companies must have a minimum of 51% equity
held by Malaysians.
• Company must be in operation for at least 2 years from date of
• Company shall provide audited financial report as proof.
• All IHL / RI / STI Agencies should be registered in Malaysia.
• Government reserves the right to request the involvement of
appropriate MOSTI agencies as collaborators. A Memorandum of
Agreement between the collaborating agencies must accompany
the application, clearly stating the respective scope of work, IP
agreement and ownership and ownership of all equipment
purchased during the tenure of the project. The agreement must
be stamped by entity.
• Applicant must have minimum paid up capital in cash of
• None of the company directors or project team members have
been convicted of any fraudulent activities or the company been
declared bankrupt, under liquidation or placed under receivership.
• The proposed project must contain elements of technological
innovation leading to commercialisation of innovative products,
processes and services.
• The proposed project should be in the pre-commercialisation stage
with established working Proof of Concept (POC).
• The project leader and team members must be competent to
undertake the proposed project. The resume and supporting
documents of the project leader and each project team member
must also be submitted.
• The following are not eligible for funding under the Pre
Commercialisation Fund (TechnoFund).
- Projects already undertaken, responsibility or portfolio of
certain Ministry, Department or Agency other than MOSTI
- Applications from Research Institutes with internal research
funding such as CESS Fund
• The proposed project must be implemented in Malaysia.
Stage Of Business
The scheme provides funding for technology development, up to 
pre-commercialisation stage, with the commercial potential to create
new businesses and generate economic wealth for the nation.
Quantum/Margin of Financing
Maximum: RM3 million
Project Duration
Maximum: 2 years
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